Safe Travels

Travel, Oscar Wilde once wrote, gives the appearance of accomplishment.

From one Island...

Yesterday I packed up the old car, the big, blue car with the college stickers on the windows and the ‘Veterans for Obama’ one on the bumper.  With help, we stuffed it (and atop) with used beach grills, half-full tanks of propane, the two bocce ball sets and the emergency shovel and the air mattress and the beach chairs and fishing rods and worn football that needs some air–  all tell-tale signs of summer.

(Oh, and a couple of cases of wine, too, crammed with good-to-go chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, roses, pinot noir, and, yes, Cabernet, though that to me is not a summer wine.)

But for the first time in a long time (I think, maybe, since senior year of college–  whoa) I won’t be making the familiar drive, with dogs and kid sisters and the familiar markers:  the “bug” on I-95, the Sagamore Bridge.  I’ll miss that wonderful ferry ride, the sense of anticipation, instead forgoing it for something that creeps in now and then:  the early-morning Cape Air flight from Boston to ACK on Monday morning.

Now, however, it’s 9:22 am at EWR and there’s Starbucks to be drunk, Canada, oh Canada!, Toronto and its Algonquin Island, on the horizon.

No matter where the end of summer may take you (off the beaten path, somewhere familiar, or simply home), safe travels.

To another.


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