Not the NYFF, but…

Part Two on travel will come soon.  Would we lie to you?

As I sat in the rundown but beautiful theater space on the Lower East Side last night (indeed, the theater one Mr. Francis Ford Coppola shot a scene from a little flick called The Godfather II in), I thought, Well, it’s not quite another unknown flick at the NYFF, but it’s a start…

Straw Man, a short film directed and produced and featuring friends, played its first fest last night–  the New York Downtown Shorts Film Festival (or, you know, the NYDSFF)– and as an associate producer / P.A. / actor on the project, I was proud to be there.  Yes, I’d seen the flick before (in its premiere L.A. screening, which I wrote about here), but it was the first time I’ve sat in a theater and watched a film unspool– okay, whirl by– that I had direct, visceral involvement with.  It was a thrill to watch writer / director David James Kelly introduce the flick with a heartfelt and witty speech, and to remember all the hard work, good people, and late-nights in various places of L.A. that went into the shoot.  (Ah, I thought watching the flick, that was the time was cued the car parade at that house 20 minutes outside of L.A. for the steadicam shot!  That was the overnight shot at that editing suite in Burbank! Good times.)

Again, it’s not the NYFF, but it was a thrill…

All shots are stills from the flick, and were lensed by the brilliant cinematographer Mr. Aaron Moorhead.  You can watch the Straw Man trailer here.


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