2010 Yesterday’s Island Photo Contest

It’s officially fall–  it’s on the calendar, and it’s raining, chilly grab-a-sweater! weather;  pumpkins and goblins and witches are starting to appear;  baseball’s postseason begins Wednesday and every Sunday it’s a feast of football.  In is, in every possible way, Fall.

But remember that last season, summer?  I miss summer!  Yes, I love fall (everyone loves fall), and being a fan of weather and elements, I even like winter–  this seasons all bring their own holidays, their own joys and burdens.

But summer!  It’s the season that brings the widest smile to my face:  flip-flops and grilled fish and afternoons on the beach.  And as I spent a few days on Nantucket this late summer, I participated in– okay, became mildly obsessed with– winning the 2010 Yesterday’s Island Photo contest.  (By the way, a truly wonderful newspaper and institution–  it’s worth reading Robert Barsanti’s essays, always.)

Armed with my trusty iPhone camera (yup, I was in it to win it) I took long walks to beaches and piers;  I strolled around town, on the lookout;  and sometimes I got lucky walking over the bridge at Smith’s Point early in the morning, when the light falls just so.

Did I win?  Alas, no.  But I did place.  (And I think you’ll agree the winning photo is pretty darn good–  if you like mailboxes.)  And here are my two photos that placed, from the “on the water” section (both taken from the back deck of 11 Massachusetts Avenue):

And here are a few photos that didn’t place (clearly my bribe didn’t work):

And now summer is well and truly over.  Happy Fall, folks!


One Response to “2010 Yesterday’s Island Photo Contest”

  1. Crawford Says:

    I think my fave is the one with the sneakers…strategically placed? (Love the shadows) Is there a contest for TX pics?

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