Patricia and “Cairo Time”

In continuing our recent spate of movie coverage (including Mr. G. Clooney and The American, here’s a review of Cairo Time, from the writer / director Ruba Nadda, and starring the lovely Patricia Clarkson.

Perspective is everything in life, both on the screen and off, isn’t it?  On this blog I recently expressed some disappointments with the flick The American, because, to my mind, for a spy caper not all that much happens and it moves slow.

Well.  In the marvelous little indie Cairo Time less happens than The American (two people kind of fall in love, but kind of don’t do anything about it) and it moves even slower but since I went in thinking, Hmm, little indie, the flick’s elements mixed together perfectly to turn out a slow, delightful meditation on love and foreign travel.

No, it doesn’t hurt to have the always excellent Patricia Clarkson.  Ms. Clarkson reminds me, in a way, of my very favorite actress, Ms. Laura Linney—  both of ’em seem incapable of false moments or uninteresting performances (even in those rare moments when they’re miscast), and both simply get better with age.

Here Ms. Clarkson is perfectly cast as a U.N. diplomat’s wife (and a writer for Vogue magazine) who strikes up a, shall we say, close friendship with an Eastern friend of her husband’s.

And that’s about it.  They walk around Cairo, and discuss love lost, the political situation, and, well, life, big and small.  There a moments of cultural misunderstandings, and there and laughs and slights and it all feels so…  real.  And you get striking, beautiful photography of both Ms. Clarkson and Egypt.

And it’s a bit slow, but you revel in it, you enjoy its meandering pace.  And that goes back to perspective, doesn’t it?  It’s what you expect from this flick (especially when you view it as I did, in your home on video on demand–  it’s ruining saving simply showing movies).

So, I recommend this little flick.  It’s a bit as if Richard Linkletter had aged Julie Delpy, turned her American, and sent her to Egypt.  But it’s also its own well done tone poem.

A Cougar in Cairo


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