There’s Only One October

Ah, fall is here!  (And this time, without Dane Cook.)  The crisp air, pumpkin pies and baked apples, and the sound of postseason baseball in the air.  And even though the Metropolitans didn’t, uh, quite make it, I love postseason baseball, and here are my predictions.

American League Division Series

Texas Rangers over Tampa Bay Rays – I like Tampa Bay (young team, and they’ve made the AL East way more fun over the past few years), but c’mon, Texas hasn’t been to the postseason in 11 years, has never won the big dance, and has ex-this-season-Met Jeff Francouer and hometown hero Nolan Ryan.

Minnesota Twins over New York Yankees  – You knew I’d type that, right?  I fully expect Joe Mauer and the lads at the new Target Field to show New York and their aging pitching staff the early exit.

National League Division Series

Philadelphia Phillies over Cincinnati Reds – It’s a delight to see Cincy in the postseason, and what a year Joey Vuotto’s having, but there’s no way they knock off Roy Halladay and the Phanatic, unfortunately.

Atlanta Braves over the San Francisco Giants – Yes, San Fran’s rise against San Diego was impressive, and they’ve got good pitching, but I just have a hunch about Bobby Cox’s last season and this battling Atlanta team.

American League Championship Series

Texas Rangers over Minnesota Twins – You heard it here.  Texas looks strong in every way.

National League Championship Series

Philadelphia Phillies over Atlanta Braves – Oh, N.L. East.  I’m telling you this Philadelphia team will not be denied.  Alas, I know.

World Major League Baseball Championship Series

Okay, I’m rooting for ’em and they’re my adopted playoff team, but I’m thinking the Texas Rangers make history and defeat the Philadelphia Phillies for their first Series championship.


2 Responses to “There’s Only One October”

  1. diane Says:

    you know if the sox are not in it i like the yankee’s … sorry :}

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