A Short Post On Yesterday

As if we needed any extra reasons to get excited about October baseball.  Yesterday– day one of the MLB postseason– saw some awesome.  Jeff Francoeur, Ian Kinsler and your 2010 Texas Rangers put down Tampa Bay (with their ace on the hill)–  awesome.  And while I really thought Minnesota was going to pull it out, it was nonetheless fun as I got sucked in to staying up late and watching the incredible and unbelievable and, yes, awesome Mariano Rivera (postseason record: a mind-boggling 39 saves, .074 ERA) come in and calmly mop up.

And then there was Roy “Doc” Halladay.  This morning ESPN showed the clips roughly 6.2 times per minute–  and why shouldn’t they?  Only the second no-no in postseason history ever (and one walk away from a perfect game; I wonder if that smarts or not?) and tomorrow’s 50 years to the day Don Larsen pitched the first one.  Roy Halladay: Worth.  Every.  Dollar.  (No wonder Omar was fired.)  The definition of awesome.

October baseball.  I live for this!

Um, what SI cover curse?!


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