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I was going to post today about the complete greed on both sides of the News Corp. / Cablevision dispute, but it’s so predictable and ludicrous, and unnecessary on the public’s airwaves, so what is there to write that I haven’t written before?  So, I thought I’d make the positive choice and instead write about fall.  (That’s right, the season.  Got a problem with that, News Corp. / Cablevision?  Do you guys own the seasons, too?)

Though thanks to a friend of the blog I’m determined to not continually begin these mini-exercises with the words ‘What is it about…’, but:  Fall– everyone loves it!  (Some time ago The Onion had one of their brilliant headlines:  “Fall, Beloved Classic Retires After 3,000 Years.”)  For a good number of people it seems to be their very favorite season, and I never concurred; to me– and any school kid– it meant the end of freedom, the return from Nantucket, the end of summer!

Now, of course, when you’re at a time and place in your life when the rhythms and guidelines of school would be especially welcome, I’m beginning to appreciate fall for the first time this year.  (Maybe it’s because this is really my first fall on the East Coast in five years.)  Yes, it’s wedding season (and I do love those, each and every one), but it’s also that crisp air, the excuse to bake with apples and take two walks with the dogs yesterday (it as just that beautiful) and look forward to what is really my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

Maybe fall’s a bit like Paul McCartney–  not your favorite Beatle when you’re young, a little dull in fact, but as you get older you appreciate him more.  (I mean, we’re young young the idea of taking a drive to look at leaves, the actual word for ‘foliage’, is just ludicrous.)

Or maybe this is just a guy waxing nostalgic on weather and playoff baseball and roasted root vegetables.


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