A Rose By Any Other Name…

I type this from a Starbucks (one of approximately 22,694 in Manhattan alone), and on the side of my venti skim latte is written, in black marker, the name “Will”.  Huh?

When prompted by a friendly Starbucks barista (there are no other kinds, whether I’m in close-by Englewood, NJ, across the country at the one in the Continental LAX terminal, or, say, in the middle of the country were there is blessedly a Starbucks– replete with the New York Times– a short walk from the hotel in Buda, Texas) I always give a fake name.  Not because I’m some sort of paranoid person, but because isn’t it fun in life– just for a moment, even– to slip your own identity.  So for the price of a latte I can become a ‘Will’ or a ‘Stephen’ or a ‘Max’.  And even though I do it all the time, I still feel a little thrill–  like I’m getting away with something!

I suppose this is the kind of harmless yet mischievous behavior that chases people onto the stage.

So try it, the next time you’re ordering a coffee or giving your name to a telemarketer or any of the other simple tasks that fill up our days while pretending to have a hold on our identity.  Become someone else, if only for the briefest of moments.


One Response to “A Rose By Any Other Name…”

  1. Rock Solid Says:

    You’ve really inspired me to start commenting on these blog entries using a fake a name… maybe next time.

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