H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N spells Halloween

At the ol' house.

Halloween:  Either the single best day to be a kid (here’s Jerry Seinfeld on Halloween) or a holiday co-opted by drunken and promiscuous adults.  Or, like everything in America these days, both.

I remember the Halloween I was a young boy dressed as an old man (clearly I want to be old).  I remember a memorable one in which, too old to to trick-or-treat, I still went with a high school buddy in my father’s Bill Clinton mask.  A Halloween where I ducked into a few restaurants and parties in the city dressed as Harry Potter.  Senior year in high school, causing a stir as Kramer.


My father's pumpkin.

Last year at a cool Halloween wedding in Maine (yup, those exist) as Groucho Marx.  The year before, Barack Obama (not shockingly).  And of course, the best year:  I’m in second grade, my mother’s in law school so it’s my father’s turn to construct the Halloween costumes.  He gets, shall we say, a little competitive, and wins three out of four categories.  I’m the award-wining homemade Alf.

Below’s earlier today.  Happy Halloween!

Trick-or-treating with the little pumpkin niece. Super Grover!


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