Not Yet!

I cheated today.

It started out innocently enough: A Christmastime tune came on my iPod while walking home from the gym.  Now, I didn’t put it on, and it was a wintertime tune too (okay, it was “Wintersong,” by, yes, this is embarrassing, Sarah McLachlan) but I didn’t turn it off.  I let it play through.

Now, it is not Christmas!  I am ashamed for mankind to find decorations at the local CVS already, to see lit-up lights on the tree downtown, and I do not want to hear Christmas tunes yet.  (Some people don’t want to hear ’em ever.)  It’s just past Halloween, we’ve got birthdays and Thanksgiving and then, then, fine: It begins.

But it was cold and the song’s a beautiful one and it came on between Springsteen (iTunes library: thank goodness there are more Bruce songs than holiday tunes) and Death Cab for Cutie (random) and, well, I let it play out.

Why?  Not sure.  Maybe sometimes you need to be reminded of what’s coming.  Maybe ’cause as fall plays out, winter’s going to sneak up on us.  Maybe because despite all my protestations (the decorating! the shopping! yuck!), it’s my second favorite time of the year (August on the Island, anyone?).   Maybe there’s no reason.

I smiled at the tune.  But I’m not ready yet.

No! No! Not Yet! Go Back From Whence You Came...


One Response to “Not Yet!”

  1. Elin Says:

    I was at a breakfast meeting this past Monday morning, yes, the day after Halloween, and the restaurant was playing “classic” Christmas tunes. Arggghhh! I asked them to change the station and they did. Bah humbug (at least until the day after Thanksgiving).

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